Philly bred





Ethnically ambiguous (because she wants to work more

Babysat her way to the top (self-proclamation)

Becky T. Bordo was born "Tahel" in Haifa, Israel. She moved to Philly in first grade, and spent much of her upbringing embracing the study of creative writing, singing, and theater. She graduated from Temple University with a Communications & Theater degree, and moved to Los Angeles on a whim. Her parents told her, "what's the worst that could happen?" She thanks them for nudging her to push herself out of the nest.

Currently Becky runs her very own production company, Go Tahel Productions, where she both joins in poking lighthearted fun at her birthname while embracing her unique voice as a copywriter, ghostwriter, and creator of conscious content for brands, individuals, businesses, and herself. She is also Head of Creative Production for a social media content studio, Ryde, where she brings together social influencers to raise the bar in social content.